Buff Stuff Exfoliating Washcloth


Gently exfoliates the skin to prevent dead skin build-up, clogged pores & ingrown hairs. For daily use. Made of 100% all-natural, agave plant fibers. Machine washable.

For Ingrowns
For Smooth Skin
100% Natural Materials

Use prior to hair removal to buff away dead skin & unclog pores, allowing for a cleaner exit of hair follicles. After hair removal, wait 48 hours, then start exfoliating daily to prevent ingrown hairs. When it’s time to replace your Buff Stuff, make sure to throw your old cloth into the compost because its 100% biodegradable.

Wet cloth and scrub in gentle circular motions. Can be used with or without body wash. Rinse well after use and hang to dry. Machine wash regularly.

Customer Reviews

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Really great exfoliator…

It’s awesome to use on your legs too before shaving. Mine shrunk a little in the warm water, but still works great.

CAN'T live without!

The Buff Stuff Exfoliating Washcloth is something I absolutely cannot live without. I have sensitive skin but this is gentle enough to use everyday. It keeps ingrowns away, skin soft/supple and makes all other costly products work more effectively. When I accidentally got hair dye on my last one and threw it away and immediately regretted it. I had it for many years, and I still can’t believe how well it held up in the washing machine. I also really love that it is 100% all-natural (agave plant fibers). Best $20 I ever spent. Truly obsessed.

Jasmeen Basra

Buff Stuff Exfoliating Washcloth

Works great

Scrubs off dead skin cells amazingly! Skin feels smooth after using it.

Ashley Godbout
*Chef's Kiss* Exfoliation

So effective yet so gentle. Love it in combination with the Southern Comfort feminine wash. Makes me feel fresh, deals with bumps, and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Easily recommend!