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You’ve mastered the art of self hair-removal. Now let’s get you to next level smoothness. Meet the Waxing Rituals Bundle – includes our signature Microwavable Cream Wax, full-size Waxing Oil, Spatulas & Strips. So you’ll never get into a hairy situation again.

Microwavable Cream Wax 8oz
Waxing Oil 4oz
Waxing Spatulas x 50pack
Waxing Strips x 100pack
Step-by-step Waxing Guide

Easy to Use
Professional Quality
Esthetician Approved
Made in Canada
Benefits of Cream Wax?

Gone are the days of old school honey wax. Cream wax has a low melting temperature, making it safe and easy to use on the skin, even for beginners. Smooth & thin consistency allows for quick application & removal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

First time waxing at home! I usually get mine done by a professional but it was getting too expensive so I decided to give this a try. Awesome packaging with dissolvable foams! Followed heating instructions and everything went smoothly. I had to wax twice because consistency at first try was thick, so really its about finding the right consistency. Generous amount of supplies provided in the kit - a must to keep things hygienic. Haven’t had ingrown hairs since. Highly recommended!

Best wax ever!!

I did try my first time wax is very soft and I did do brazilian it's little but cause bruise but I should go to see professional wax for Brazilian then can do myself after that also one waxing bundle is all gone in one day. I'm not sure I'm doing wrong or right but I'll order 2 for waxing microwave

Super easy to use!

It was easier to use than expected. No ingrown hairs at all. Left my skin feeling smooth!
For future packs - I would perhaps add more Waxing Oil? I felt that I needed a bit more to remove bits of wax after waxing as I'm in a colder climate.

Using it again and again

Their products are so good that you’ll them again and again!

Caroline Goode
Really good

Super surprised at how nice this was, definitely would use again. Very little skin reaction post wax and that was the best!